Wednesday, 25 March 2009

hellooooo rolly rolly potato chips!!

Tyler had his ABR last week. As expected he had to go under aneasthetic. He was down in theatre mainly because he was out, so it was just like a surgery visit....However it went very well, we found out his brain stem is responding to sound as it should, but his right ear doesnt allow sound through. We hope thats just a simple blockage, so its likely to be cleared up soon. The main thing is he hears, he must just not feel the need to mimic or try to make many sounds yet! He will, when he's good & ready. After all we all make so much noise he probably thinks there isnt time to get a word in edgeways!!

So waving at everyone HELLO, HELLO, HELLO! All of a sudden Tyler has decided to do lots of GREAT new things!!! With a lot of hand games the last few weeks he now loves to wave at people, cats dogs anyone really, & when he gets a wave back he just loves it! The cats keep refusing, but hey cant win em all!!!

Also we have a new game Rolly rolly. It used to be that we'd put him down & he'd stay put. Well with the exception of spinning on his bum! but now when we lay him of a flat surface he rolls over for fun. He just looks at us & giggles, then fires up his muscles for another rolly rolly! So proud of him!

Then tonight, sharing a bag of chips with Daddy. His hand started reaching into the bag (which was as big as Tyler) He managed to get a chip. To actually want to reach in is something, but to get a chip! Yay Tyler :-) xxx

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  1. what mean cats not waving bag....well done little man, ucky you didn't fall in the bag of chips...big kisses xxxx