Friday, 13 March 2009

The Story So Far... part 4


Ok so we got the results for Tylers sonogram; as we thought they are a good few inches from where they should be :-( However they have good vascular activity; can be relocated if they dont move by themselves. That might be a while yet, but in a few months they'll look again to see.We also got the results for all of his blood tests.

CLEAR of chromosomal dissorders, no fish deletion, his metabolic test was great.

We had the MRI last Thursday, it was a very good experience, although upsetting to see him go off with the docs.... It was done very fast, 1 hour and he was in recovery. Home by lunch time!

We heard back from the doctors today that the MRI showed normal activity YEEEEYYYYYY!!!!

Although I will get more info when I see my neighbor who is a neuro surgeon on Sat.

In the mean time the MRI showed Tyler has a sinus infection, which over the last few days had really started to show. We just thought it was a rotten cold, but we caught it before he got really sick.So this all means his issues must be totally muscular (as far as we can figure) We thought that anyways, but its nice to hear it from the docs. He is holding things with this hands now, & even trys to reach a little now too.

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