Friday, 13 March 2009

The Story So Far... part 6

Its been a while, so I thought I'd update :-)We've been to have more tests, but nothing came from them. Doctors have still not got much of an idea as yet.... We have lots more lurvly :-( equipment to help him get stronger, sooo glad we have the room!He was feeling poorly a few days ago, but thankfully that passed and only a little weight lost. Its like he is in a little time capsule, almost like he isn't growing.....?He can sit, hold a cookie, shuffle in circles on his butt, he is a smart kid too. So he'll get stronger when he's good & ready I'spose :-)Tests more visits coming up over the next few weeks, so I'll update at some point.


  1. Hiya honey pie....looks like you're going to be a rock star!!! love you...auntie sal xxxx

  2. what a darling boy, I hope you get some answers.