Friday, 13 March 2009

The Story So Far... part 5

OK, so its been a while since I updated the page. I didnt have much to tell as we are still in the dark, BUT we finally have some new news!!So he is 10 months and can now sit on his own!!!! YEY. He does still have to be caught, but the fact that he can hold his body up is a great sign. He can play with toys, hold them and choose to pick things up.

Although he's a bit wobbly with his arms, he gets it in the end :-)In addition to the Hypotonia, we now have another named condition to help find the source of things. Its called Marcus Gun Jaw Wink :-) a mouthful, but it explains why he pulls his crazy faces we love so much! :-)Going to visit the neurologist again this week, so I hope to maybe find out if we are closer to seeing the bigger picture

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