Friday, 13 March 2009

More Tests...

Hi all, :-) Just to let you all know Ty had more tests yesterday. The docs are very confuzzzzed & don't really know what to look for next. He needs to have muscle & tissue biopsies during his surgery, so that'll save 1 lot of anesthetic!! They don't think its progressive "still" which is great. They have a feeling a syndrome will be named at some time. Besides that, we keep working on him getting stronger, & although a diagnosis will be nice, as maybe there is medication to help him.

So hes going for his ABR "auditory brain response" test Friday, so again, no eating & drinking, which is like saying blah blah. How do you tell him Mummy isnt being mean, I promise! Then ready for the next surgery for his "bits & pieces" LOL I'll keep everyone posted xx

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